Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WAMM?

The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is a collective of patients and caregivers, providing hope, building community, and offering phytotherapies to patients with a doctor’s recommendation. Our aim is to relieve suffering. We provide safe access to an organic supply of phytotherapies grown in Santa Cruz for more than 3 decades. We offer organic, heirloom varieties of phytotherapies grown in our collective garden, as well as many other products made within our collective, and we do this all on low cost basis.

2. Do I qualify for WAMM?

Due to our settlement with the Federal government in our most recent lawsuit, WAMM now has the ability to expand our membership to serve a broader patient-base.  We no longer serve only the terminally ill, so if you have a valid doctor recommendation, you are encouraged to apply. We are accepting applications from patients with a valid California doctor’s recommendation in the Santa Cruz area, but others outside the area are encouraged to apply.  Our focus has always been to alleviate the suffering of those under the care of hospice, and that hasn’t changed.  We are continuing our services to the terminally ill and to low-income members.

3. What obligations do I have as a WAMM member?

As a true collective, WAMM subsists on the financial contributions from our members.  At large, our community of patients and their caregivers volunteer time to keep the collective and the community thriving.

WAMM also holds weekly Support and Supply Meeting on Tuesday nights at 5:30. The meeting is where you can get your medicine, financially contribute, talk, express needs, compare ideas, plan for WAMMfest or one of our many events. The second Tuesday night of each month is Potluck night, where we share stories, socialize, and eat together. The third Tuesday of every month is Bingo Night, a huge favorite of WAMMers.

While we understand that someone who is bedridden cannot make our meetings, patients are encouraged to get a caregiver who can attend to help out WAMM, and most importantly, the patient. Some of the duties include; picking up phytotherapies, financially contributing or finding a sponsor to cover the cost of production.

4. How Do I Apply?

If you have read section 2 and 3 and think you can make a happy addition to our collective, please call our office at 831-425-0580. We’ll be happy, too.  We can mail you an application or you can come by our office and fill it out.

The application will go over things like your medical condition and your phytotherapies use and the recommendation must be completed by your doctor. Our collective requires a signed copy of a valid doctor recommendation.  We include a recommendation in the application; there are copies for you and your doctor.  Please return only the original signed recommendation, as well as all the other paperwork within the application.

Once when we receive these documents (application/recommendation) we must verify with your doctor that the information is correct. If we have the ability to serve your needs, we will contact you to set up an intake appointment.

There are guidelines and protocols to which we must adhere. We take them seriously in order protect you as a patient, as well as our collective. The whole process can actually happen pretty quickly, depending on how fast you return the forms and how swiftly the recommendation is verified.

6. Is it worth it?

WAMM is a collective of patients who understand the complexities of living with illness and many of the compromises involved. WAMM members are very supportive. Beyond providing phytotherapies at our weekly Support and Supply Meeting, WAMM is a community where friendships are. We have monthly potlucks on the first meeting of the month, services for end-of-life care, as well as numerous other services…

WAMM recognizes that illness is often isolating and sometimes lonely.  Our collective provides a caring community of like-minded people who understand.  It is definitely worth it.

WAMM is the longest running medical marijuana organization in the nation, the first of our kind, and the “gold standard” of phytotherapies providers.  We have formulated local and state laws and met with congress to protect your rights.  Join the group that started it all!

7. How Can I Contact WAMM?

Feel free to call: 831-425-0580, Fax: 831-425-0582 or by email at info@wamm.org.

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