Thank you for your interest in WAMM!

We are accepting new members at this time. Please download and send in the membership application if you would like to become a member of WAMM.

Legally, we can only accept residents of the State of California with a current medical cannabis recommendation as members.

The Application Process:

  • Download the application below. You must return the first three pages.
  • Caregiver Form: This page is optional. Return it to us if you want to to have somebody who can call in orders, share information or pick up cannabis products for you. This form is not required if you don’t want to designate a caregiver.
  • Medical Marijuana Recommendation Form: You must have a valid doctor’s recommendation to join WAMM. This page is not optional. If your own doctor doesn’t sign the MMJ form, we will also accept your existing recommendation. Are you looking for a doctor? You can find one at Scroll down to the bottom menu for a link to their doctor search function.
  • Medical Summary: If you are seriously ill, please provide medical records: e.g. scan report, doctor’s summary or hospital discharge summary. Medical records are very helpful for us to determine what kind of cannabis might be the most useful to you.
  • Photo ID: please include a photo ID.
  • Send it in via fax, email or snail mail. We include an intake appointment at no charge for new members either in person or via telephone after your paperwork has been processed.
  • The intake is a great opportunity to have all your questions answered, and we use that time to help you find the form of cannabis that will work best for you. If you are a caregiver with a patient who is a minor or who is unable to talk, we will gladly speak to you as a proxy for them. A parent/guardian needs to complete a ‘WAMM Participant Parental Consent Form’ for minors. Please be aware that due to a high volume of interest in WAMM, it may take 2-3 weeks to schedule your intake, and we do our best to give priority to critically ill patients when scheduling.




Please note that our Compassion Program for free cannabis is operating at capacity, however we are accepting applications for future openings. Please download and send in the Compassion application if you would like to be considered for this program.


Join WAMM Today!

We at WAMM take a special approach to phytotherapies. Beyond having heirloom strains that are organically grown and unique to WAMM, our collective revolves around community. We have weekly meetings that members can attend and many volunteer opportunities for members looking to make a difference.

WAMM has been serving the Santa Cruz community for two decades. We take pride in working with people and put the patient before profit. Since we grow and make all of our own medicine, we have a greater bond to the medicine that helps and heals.

Make the choice to be a WAMM member because even though you’ll get the highest quality medicine at low cost, you’ll be a part of something bigger. You can help yourself and make the world a better place.