Celebrate WAMM Day July 16, 2019!

Fourteen  years ago today, the mayor of Santa Cruz declared July 16, 2005 as WAMM day.  Fourteen years have passed, and WAMM still stands strong in our conviction that sick people should have access to safe, low-cost cannabis. WAMM has created WAMM Phytotherapies, Inc., a B corporation, to continue the mission of compassion, community, and well being.

The doors of WAMM’s retail center have been closed this year 2019 in order to create the right kind of entities in alignment with WAMM values. It is as it has been, the integrity, passion and courage to be on the leading edge; to relieve suffering, that unites these two separate entities. Together yet separate, growing a vision of providing information and resources of; Non Cannabis and Cannabis based self remedies coupling the ability for integrating Botanical Phytotherapy and Medical Marijuana interactive knowledge through the open Community Well Being space at the new WAMM Phytotherapies location, that will also provide a separate Organic Retail and Medical Cannabis Dispensary. Keep posted for WAMM Phytotherapies Grand Opening in the Fall.

WAMM and family have so much to be thankful for the dedication and support of  WAMM volunteers and supporters to provide seamless continuity of community outreach and local involvement! Many thanks to all our amazing WAMM family with much appreciation for our local community leaders who have shown their courage and compassion for over 25 years!

We continue this tradition with deep gratitude joy and honor!  Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, and WAMM Phytotherapies family sincerely thanks the City of Santa Cruz for declaring July the 16 WAMM day!